yoga doesn't take time, it gives time
h ॐ (aum)

Unlike bigger yoga studios where you feel you are a number and aren't completely comfortable, I teach small classes and am able to offer personalized and individual instruction.

My studios are not heated and I teach Hatha yoga

My students feel cared for and notice improvement in how they sit, stand and walk almost immediately

I love how one of my students described me and my yoga class on her blog, Deconstruct the Yuck:

"What I have been doing lately though, is actually showing up to yoga class. I’ve mentioned this place I go to called It’s Just Yoga, which I absolutely love. There is none of the pretentiousness that comes with some (or, ahem… I’d say a lot) of yoga classes in the western world. The instructor, Johanna Steinfeld, is as down to earth as they come, which sets the tone for the whole class. It’s just a bunch of people getting together and embracing wellness through movement and breath. It’s Just Yoga. As Johanna will often say in her classes, yoga is about playing with a pose, yoga is ‘making shapes’ your body doesn’t make in everyday life, which may lead to opening up in different ways. I love this approach – it is not about being ‘good,’ it is simply about being real." - Kyla V. 

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Come to class and discover how you can heal your body and relax your mind with yoga practice