yoga doesn't take time, it gives time

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h ॐ (aum)

Unlike bigger yoga studios where you feel you are a number and aren’t completely comfortable,

I teach small classes and am able to offer personalized and individual instruction.

My studios are not heated and I teach Hatha yoga

My students feel cared for and notice improvement in how they sit, stand and walk almost immediately

Come to class and discover how you can heal your body and relax your mind with yoga practice   

lotusCAL042413-gya-3                                       What I Believe

you are never to old and you are not inflexible. 

we all benefit from yoga practice

yes, you can feel better and live with less pain in your body

there is no better time than to start now

 it’s just yoga               

Discover for yourself the freedom that comes with movement  

I love how one of my students describes me and my yoga teaching style on her blog, Deconstruct the Yuck:

“What I have been doing lately though, is actually showing up to yoga class. I’ve mentioned this place I go to called It’s Just Yoga, which I absolutely love.

There is none of the pretentiousness that comes with some (or, ahem… I’d say a lot) of yoga classes in the western world. The instructor, Johanna Steinfeld, is as down to earth as they come, which sets the tone for the whole class. It’s just a bunch of people getting together and embracing wellness through movement and breath.

It’s Just Yoga. As Johanna will often say in her classes, yoga is about playing with a pose, yoga is ‘making shapes’ your body doesn’t make in everyday life, which may lead to opening up in different ways.

I love this approach – it is not about being ‘good,’ it is simply about being real.”

  Kyla V.


When you come to my classes you can expect to find

  • the confidence to know that you are being taught how to safely move into and out of postures, and that you are being seen
  • a fun and playful environment that encourages laughter and not taking things too seriously
  • a safe space to experience yoga and to receive all the benefits awaiting you

We may be a perfect fit if

  • you are currently living with aches and pains that prevent you from living the life you love
  • you want to learn from a teacher who can relate to what your going through
  • you want to learn how to take healing into your own hands
  • you are willing to commit to yourself, your healing and your happiness
  • you enjoy great company
  • you have a sense of curiosity, a zest for playfulness and love to have fun

Namaste and meet you on the mat


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