yoga doesn't take time, it gives time
  • h ॐ (aum)
  • h ॐ (aum)
  • h ॐ (aum)
  • h ॐ (aum)
  • h ॐ (aum)

Do you want to feel better but don't know where to start?

Unlike the bigger yoga studios where you feel you are a number and aren't completely comfortable,

I teach small classes and am able to offer personalized and individual instruction.

My studios are not heated and I teach Hatha yoga

My students feel cared for and notice improvement in how they sit, stand and walk almost immediately

Come to class and discover how you can heal your body and relax your mind with yoga practice

New to yoga or ready to try again?

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We may be a perfect fit if

you are currently living with aches and pains that prevent you from living the life you love

you want to learn from a teacher who can relate to what your going through

you want to learn how to take healing into your own hands

you are willing to commit to yourself, your healing and your happiness

you enjoy great company

you have a sense of curiosity, a zest for playfulness and love to have fun