about me

As a Senior Yoga teacher, I teach accessible, enlightening, peace filled and alignment conscious classes in Calgary, Alberta.
My passion is to connect Yoga practice with nature, the elements of nature, and to explore the divine and sacred feminine.
I am the Yoga columnist for the Calgary Herald/Post media and my columns are shared and read throughout Canada. 

My Yoga journey began in 1996
I was walking down the hallway of the Calgary Jewish Centre heading to the workout room.
Every step getting me to the gym was an effort in itself.
Every part of me screaming to stop and not do this yet my head wasn’t listening.

I had to workout to stay in shape. (As I write that I am laughing to myself, cause now that means feeling good and being connected mind, body and breath)

On this one particular day, I walked past a room with windows out to the hallway.
The lights were dimmed and there were about 8 people lying on the floor in what appeared to me to be a deeply relaxing and calm place.
I had never seen anything like it.
I remember placing my hand on the window and gazing longingly into that room, and saying, “I want to be there”

I had no idea what it was I was looking at but it was love at first sight, and by the next week I had registered and was in, my first Yoga class.

I loved Yoga.
I loved the way it felt in my body,
I loved the calm atmosphere.
I loved the music I heard that I’d heard no where else,
I loved the anatomy learning,
I loved the balance
and loved the things that were surprisingly difficult and challenging.

Yet it took me 8 years to understand the power of practice and the support Yoga practice brings to all aspects of Life.

Back then I was a full time elementary school teacher and had two young daughters at home. I was also in my mid thirties and was experiencing pain in my legs and low back as things were beginning to break down (cause this is around the time we start to feel our bodies and become aware of our own weaknesses)

I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.
As the pain became more frequent and more painful, I sought medical advice.
Yet the healing solution was there in front of me and in my hands the whole time. I just didn’t realize it

Now I know that the pain was a result of lack of overall movement, a shortening and weakening of supportive body parts, tendons, muscles, ligaments, breath, fluid  and compression of inner space. All things targeted in a well rounded Yoga practice.

I was told to avoid lifting and carrying heavy things, and began weekly visits to the Chiro and Physio.

Around this time I also began attending Yoga classes more regularly.
And the lights turned on and the fire was lit.
I had begun to feel stronger, happier and more centred than I ever had before.
And my aches and pains went away.

My mind opened to my own potential, and I realized that healing my body was in my own hands. The more I practiced Yoga the easier some poses became, and I enjoyed meeting my edge and expanding as the poses flowed into more interesting places.

Becoming a full time Yoga teacher was a natural evolution for me. People noticed the change in me and were constantly asking me what I was doing. I had lost weight, I felt lighter in my head, heart and body, and I believe I was shining my inner light with the joy I was experiencing.

The more I learned the more inspired I felt to keep learning more.

And this remains true today.

I believe that my classes are a reflection of my own practice.
I love to share what I discover, and keep my practices joyful and playful.

Yoga practice should be fun and my personal feelings are if its not fun then why would you do it?
I always feel a flutter of excitement when I step on the mat.
I don’t know whats going to happen or what I will discover and am always excited to see where my practice will lead me today.

Those feelings I used to stuff away as I soldiered my way into the gym and onto those dreadful machines I now listen to. My Yoga practice has taught me the value in keeping moving and expanding, and the benefits of committed practice in a way I would never have learned from ‘hitting the gym’.

My body is strong. Stronger than I ever knew.

From this strength came patience, commitment, and an ever growing awakening to the wider reality around me.
I live my life more authentically, and am inviting in more joy and abundance into everyday.

It is my joy to share this practice and am honoured and uplifted by the kindred spirits who join me.



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