Cannabliss Meducation + Yoga

Cannabliss Meducation + Yoga

Only female plants produce healing buds  –  Meet the Goddess in her plant form

This workshop is an introduction to Medicinal Cannabis and is open to anyone who is interested in learning:

How to use Cannabis,
How to find strains that will work best for You
How to access Medical Cannabis.

Cannabis is natures’ medicine in all her magnificent glory.
She is meant to enhance our experience and will
help the body heal itself naturally.

Class will begin with an introduction to medicinal cannabis led by
Hart Steinfeld

Together we will share in the ritual of preparing cannabis while enjoying a short open discussion of the medicinal properties of different strains of cannabis

If you are a medical patient, you will be able to sample the stains by inhalation, vaporizing – vaporizers will be provided, or feel free to bring your own – or by sublingual spray. 

To become a medical patient under Health Canada’s ACMPR and have access to high quality Medical Cannabis,
speak to your doctor, or book a free appt through one of the many cannabis clinics here in Calgary (some good ones are Natural Health Services, Harvest Medical and Oasis Medical.
Ask your practitioner to send your medical document to The Hydropothecary

Cannabis and Yoga: Discover their natural pairing

From here, we will share an introspective, accessible and quiet Yoga practice led by Johanna Steinfeld, to complement your experience and bring your attention inwards. 

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and passions with you in this very special offering

Love and Namaste
Jo and Hart

Johanna Steinfeld is a Senior Yoga teacher here in Calgary. In addition to teaching and sharing Yoga practice, she is also the Yoga columnist for Canada’s Post Media and The Calgary Herald
You can find more about her at

Hart Steinfeld has been promoting the use of Medicinal Cannabis for many years and is one of Canada’s leaders in Cannabis education.
He is the Community Engagement Manager for Western Canada for  The Hydropothecary – the #1 Licensed Producer of Medicinal Cannabis in Canada
He is a writer and host of ‘The Cannabis Show‘  and writes many many awesome strain review and blog posts that have been shared and reposted many times over.
Hart is always sharing his views, insights and writings on social media and can be found on Instagram, FaceBook and, his fave, Twitter

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