How to clean your Yoga mat

The joys of stepping on the Yoga mat are increased when your mat is clean, newly sticky and smells good!

If you have a thicker mat, 
create a mixture of 2 parts water, 1 part liquid soap and a few drops of essential oil into a spray bottle. 
Spray down your mat and rub it gently with a sponge.
Wipe it dry with a soft cloth. 
Repeat on the other side.

I have a thin mat so its easy to wash in the tub. 
I use a minimal amount of my favourite smelling bubble bath or shampoo

Rinse well and hang to dry over your shower curtain rod or a towel bar.
Make sure you place a towel beneath it to catch the drips.

Before you hang it, you can drop a few drops of your fave essential oils on your mat and use your fingers to lightly spread it around.

Once your mat is dry,

Roll it up and come to class!

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