Knee pain?

Incredible things happen when we commit to Yoga. 
Here is a fab example: 

In this mornings class I talked about knee pain and made eye contact with one of my students who suffer with knee pain. When she first came to my classes a little over a year ago, she wore a knee brace and would ask for knee strengthening poses. 

(The reality is that all poses are knee strengtheners cause when we work what’s above and below the knee, the knee becomes less volatile as it receives more support from integrated muscles becoming stronger.)

At the end of class she came up to me and said, “I saw you look at me when you talked about knee pain and I was confused cause I don’t have knee pain. Then I remembered. I had completely forgotten about my knee pain and that I used to wear a brace! I even went skiing a few weeks ago which I hadn’t done in a long time!”

And the beauty in it all is that she made that happen. 

It’s empowering that we can make change in our bodies at every age and any stage


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