Online Yoga Offerings

I am excited to offer a number of brand new online programs.
Courses to help deepen your practice,
deepen your connection to your Self and your Yoga,
and to help maintain your practice from wherever you are.
With Love,
From my mat to Yours

                                 Boost your HOme Practice                    

Join me for 7 weeks of well rounded Yoga practice to help you align, strengthen, relax and renew.
Each week you will receive an email with a video Yoga practice, sometimes with a guided meditation, perhaps a recipe to nourish your soul, a story to inspire you on your path, recommended readings or lectures for you to listen to, pranayama practice, or anything else that may be inspiring me and I think will inspire you as well.

Some classes will be 30 minutes and some will be 60 minutes in length

Course will be available Feb 19 2018
Runs for 7 weeks


Mantra Mudra and Mythic Story

Grab your mala beads and join me for an in depth study of the Ancient Hindu Deities.
Each class will consist of Mythic story, Iconography, Visualization, and Meditation.
Learn why and how to call in the gifts of the each Diety whose personalities, attributes and stories relate directly to that which lives within us.

Each week we will focus our awareness and attention on a different God/Goddess;
Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Dhumavati, Saraswati, Hanuman, and Krishna

Course will be available Mar 26 2018
Runs for 7 weeks


Restorative Savasana Meditation

This course will have you exploring sensation, feeling held and supported and provide you with space and time to tune in. Each week you will receive a video class of one restorative Yoga posture and how to properly set yourself up for maximum comfort and ease 

You will also receive an audio recording to guide you in and out of your Savasana Meditation.
These recordings will be approximately 20 minutes in length to ensure you have the proper amount of time to rest and gift your body time to experience the deep healing benefits of Savasana on your physical body, your emotional body, and your busy mind. 

Savasana Meditation gives space to release tension not just in the busy mind, but also in your body.

Course will be available March 12 2018
Runs for 4 weeks


Johanna Steinfeld Yoga

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