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Yoga for the Goddess

Yoga practice is there to support us through all stages of life. We use Yoga to help us shift our mood, shift our energy and help with flow in the body.

There are a series of poses which help women assist the flow of their bodies and will ease your transition through your ‘Moon Time’.
Whether you are still having periods or not, our bodies are in tune with the monthly flow of hormones and deeply attuned to the power and call of the moon.

Join me to explore how you can assist yourself when you need it most, and how to ease your way through the flow of the Goddess.

Menopause is a natural passage that deserves attention and understanding.

Lets welcome in this time of our lives together and explore the sacred feminine through
yummy Yoga postures, Meditation, Rest, Breath and More

Learn how best to support your Self in this journey and we will share our experiences and learn from each other.

As it should be and as it once was

Feb 25
1:30 – 4:30 pm
The Yoga Studio Oak Bay

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    Meditation Afternoon Retreat

Saturday March 18
1:30 – 4:30 pm
The Yoga Studio Oak Bay

This workshop is ideal for those wanting to experience the benefits of meditation: focus, concentration, stamina, resilience, improved sleeping patterns, better physical health are just a few of the benefits. Meditation gives one a sense of spiritual connection and peace by moving away from external distraction and cultivating quiet within.

 Learn how to sit, breathe deeply to calm the thought patterns and apply a simple technique of meditation. This workshop is ideal for people of all ages, dealing with any life transition.

Learn how to create peaceful and quiet moments wherever you are

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