Sweet Dreams

This elegant little technique will put you to sleep and will help you sleep more peacefully. It uses an effortless 2-to-1 breath. Pay close attention to your breath. There shouldn’t be any pauses, jerks, or shakiness. Eliminate even the pause between the inhalation and exhalation. Get into bed and take:…

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Dreamy Down Dog

Dreamy Down Dog Written by Shiva Rea How can you find comfort or joy in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)? If you struggle with Down Dog, be compassionate and patient with yourself; you are not the first person with tight hamstrings or weak arms. On the other hand, be diligent.…

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Hairy legs and all

I have recently resisted shaving or waxing my leg hairs off. I have always waxed, occasionally shaved. I have given into the shame of stubble and have often uttered the phrase, “Yikes, I have to wax!” But why? Why are natural parts of ourselves so offensive? This hit me hard…

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Knee pain?

Incredible things happen when we commit to Yoga.  Here is a fab example:  In this mornings class I talked about knee pain and made eye contact with one of my students who suffer with knee pain. When she first came to my classes a little over a year ago, she…

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7 ways to perfect your practice

While there is no perfect practice, here are 7 ways to perfect your practice: Pay attention to your breath. Notice when you hold it, when you relax, how deep is your breath and how shallow. Release stress in your face. Keep your eyes relaxed by softening your gaze, relax your…

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Make the simple things hard so the hard things become easier

I first heard this from my teacher Christina Sell, and have repeated it to myself and to class so many times that I now take ownership – with props to Christina of course 🙂

This speaks so true to me and has changed my view of how I work to attain the harder poses and to focus differently on the seemingly more simple poses.



Yoga is hard work.

No matter what poses you are in, heck, standing in Tadasana is hard work!


A favourite story is from a few years back.
Now a dedicated student of yoga, S emailed me after her first class and said she didn’t understand what was going on in that room. It looked to her like everyone was just standing there.
To me it was funny to hear that perspective, because it was true.
We were all just standing there

But it’s whats happening on the inside that makes those seemingly simple poses more difficult.

Learning how to draw awareness through all parts of the body,

Learning how to discover imbalance and to create balance,

Learning how to draw the breath throughout the body

Learning how to tense or relax parts of the body,

Learning how to love yourself everyday

Learning whats truly important

Learning to listen deeply

Learning everyday