Lake swimming

I love lake swimming

Back in manitoba, I would swim in Lake Winnipeg from my quiet beach everyday of the short swimming season that I could.

When the lake was glassy and still and when the lake had waves like the ocean.

I loved it all and everyday was a different day.

The one thing that never changed was the soft sandy floor as far out as you could go

Some days, the water would be super crazy cold as you get in – and there was many a day when I just couldn’t do it.

On days that I could breathe my way into the frigid water were some of the best days.

I felt I had met the lake on its own terms and there was a feeling of mutual respect between us

It wouldn’t be long before you couldn’t feel the cold anymore and the lake felt soft and comfortable

On days when the water was deep enough, I would swim out and back to shore over and over again.

There were also days when the water was so shallow I could sit cross legged on the Sandy floor with the water up to my neck or shoulders and have a yoga practice

All of it was heavenly aand it was where I came to see the deep connection of Yoga and nature

Lying on my back and riding the waves while I looked up at the beautiful sky, with my ears under water, I would listen to my breath for long periods of time

It was where I learned a great many things

It is the reason I chose a lake location as opposed to ocean for this upcoming fall retreat to Guatamala

I am so looking forward to experiencing the fresh and energetizing waters of Lake Atitlan and to discovering the secrets and specialness held within these often called magical waters

Yoga Retreat plus Water Therapy

Guatamala 2017

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