You don’t have to be a Yogi to go on a Yoga Retreat Vacation

Wondering if this type of vacation would work for you? Let me paint you what a typical day on Yoga retreat may look like.

Picture yourself waking up in beautiful, cosy, sunlit room.

You open your eyes and rest your gaze on an incredible view is of a sparkling, peaceful lake. Surrounding the lake are three quiet volcanoes covered in blooming wildflowers. The smells that fill your room are that of untouched nature and the temperature inside and outside are the same, perfectly comfortable.

You stretch in bed and smile. You are imagining the beautiful quiet walk between your room and the outdoor patio where breakfast is being served. Homemade granola, yogurt, a selection of local juices and smoothies, the best cup of locally grown coffee and a hearty main that changes daily, have surpassed your expectations. You are eager to see whats been lovingly prepared today.

After breakfast, you meander your way to the incredible indoor/outdoor Yoga studio. The room is spacious, airy and with more incredible lake and volcano views. The temperature in the air is perfect and you are ready to stretch and enjoy a fantastic and perfectly paced Yoga practice to start your day off right.
This practice may also include a little guided meditation and mindful breathing to settle your busy mind and bring you into better balance.

You greet the others practicing with you. Some are sharing local discoveries and plans for the day, others are on their mats taking in the sights, sounds and smells surrounding the room and waiting for the practice to begin.

Your Yoga practice leaves you feeling grounded, connected, relaxed and energized, and is the perfect complement to your day.
You are ready to explore, read, relax, nap, kayak, hike, swim in the lake, take a picnic with you, or lay in your hammock until lunch.

The rest of the day is yours to immerse yourself in one of the most magical and special places on earth.
Lake Atitlan in Guatamala, is consistently in the top 3 of the most beautiful lakes in the world along with Lake Como in Italy.
It is a place filled with reverence by the Mayan people who live around this lake and by the people who come to visit. There is so much to see and explore and there is also much to be soaked up by just sitting on the dock or laying in your hammock.

Snacks of incredibly delicious and healthy baked goods, exotic smoothies and homemade strawberry ginger kombucha are a few of the offerings prepared for you daily and available for you at your leisure.

Dinner is another amazing meal prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients. After dinner and before bed, you will enjoy a relaxing and unwinding Yoga practice while watching the sun set. Guided meditation, guided relaxation and accessible restorative and Yin Yoga poses will be a welcome gift after another incredible day.

You lay on your mat feeling blissed out. You smile because you are here and you didn’t know a vacation could be like this. Never before have you felt so aligned and relieved of stress and decision making.
This is exactly the vacation you have been seeking and desperately needed.
And you are grateful to yourself for being here.

You don’t have to be a serious Yogi, or ever have done Yoga, to enjoy the benefits of a Yoga inspired vacation.
This upcoming Yoga retreat to Lake Atitlan Guatamala is for everyone of all levels of ability.

The Yoga practice is there to support you in relaxing and deepening your connection to your deeper Self. The incredible location and luxury of all the Villa Sumaya has to offer are the perfect combination to nourish you deeply on a cellular level.

You will be staying at the incredibly highly rated Villa Sumaya eco retreat centre (check out their rating on Tripadviser!) with nothing to plan or think about. Everything you need for a perfect vacation is right there for you.

Explore possibility and gift yourself this experience and time away.

Now is your time.

Bring your love, your friends or come alone.


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